Donna McMenamin Email Letter

Admin: Resident Donna McMenamin submitted a letter to the BHOA Board President Bernie Pistillo on 08/23/2021.  From her perspective the letter describes a number of problem areas.  She has received no reply and the letter has not been posted to the BHOA website, so she has submitted it to Carefree Unity for publication:

Carefree Unity has learned that Mrs. McMenamin did not send the following letter to President Pistillo.  Our current understanding was that she had found the BHOA unresponsive to several of the included requests and sent this letter to Carefree Unity rather than to the BHOA, in an effort to get it published for community information.
We apologize to President Pistillo and all our readers for our error. 

Donna McMenamin Email Message: I too am concerned about the lack of HOA financial information. The last set of F/S posted to the website are from May 2021 as of this date (August 23). I have requested the posting of June and July 2021 and as of today (August 23,2021) they have not been posted. I don’t know why. I also requested an accounting analysis of account 4210 “prior mgmt error correction and unidentified differences”. Through May 2021, this account has grown from $815.61 to a balance of $9561.92. As a retired accountant, I am at a loss to understand why there are unidentified differences! What is this expense?

There are many issues that have been raised in the HOA zoom meetings that are being recorded by video (and not posted) and yet none of these concerns make it into the written approved minutes. This leaves HOA members in the dark. For example, in the May 21 meeting, Bernie Pistillo admitted that the HOA had paid $4500.00 for an appraisal, that we never received, for the water tank lot. WE PAID FOR SOMETHING WE NEVER RECEIVED! I think homeowners should be aware of how our money is being spent.

There are other concerns that need to be addressed, ie the division in this community this lawsuit has caused, the lack of transparency from this board, ie how much money is being spent on legal fees, the personal attacks on Les Peterson, and the censorship on the website….letters with opposing views are not posted. Shouldn’t we hear both sides of a story so that we can make our own intelligent decision about issues?

And in conclusion, why did the HOA post political views from “Carefree Citizens for Responsible Govt”. This has nothing to do with the business of the BHOA, and causes further division in this community. This post should be removed from our website.

Donna McMenamin

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