A Letter From Greg and Linda Moorehead

Admin: Carefree Unity was copied on this email sent by Greg and Linda Moorhead to our HOA Board members. We have received their permission to post it in the community interest. Caretree Unity

Date:     November 7, 2021

To:         Boulders Homeowners Association Board Members

From:    Greg and Linda Moorhead

We have owned our home in the Carefree section of The Boulders since 2005 and love living here. We have enjoyed our neighborhood and a tranquil way of life. The Homeowners Association has always worked together and with the homeowners to create and maintain this comfortable lifestyle. Whenever a contentious issue came up the Board and the homeowners communicated and cooperated to work things out for the betterment of the community. When the water tank issue came up we were all a bit surprised. Finally, the Board and the Town of Carefree held a meeting to present and discuss the issues. However, the events of the last year regarding our HOA has led us to believe that unfortunate decisions have been made by our directors. Having read all the diatribes written by members of the Board and others in opposition to the water tank, as well as the other forms of communication about the water tank it appears to us that the Town had the right to take the land under eminent domain and the utility easement on the property. It also appears to us that the efforts to mitigate any negative impact on the landscape of the finished project are sufficient.

We believe that the legal expenses incurred by the Board are totally unwarranted and a waste of money from the Reserve account. While the Board may have had the right to do that based on the By-Laws, it was inappropriate for the Board to waste that money when they knew it was an extremely contentious issue and should have taken into consideration the many opposing views.

We would like to request more written information regarding any money spent to fight the water storage tank that the Town of Carefree will be building on Tom Darlington. Since the Court has ruled against our HOA and the Town will begin construction of the tank, we cordially request that no more of the HOA’s money be spent to fight this decision. We believe that spending more money to fight the decision will be futile, and the Town of Carefree will still construct the tank in that location. The homeowners should have a vote in any future expenditures in this matter.

Regarding filling of HOA Board positions, we would like to have an open call to the HOA homeowners for names to be presented to fill any open positions. The recent appointment of a new resident to the Board without a call to homeowners appears to be a “railroad job” and a slap in face of currently active homeowners.

The continuing efforts to undermine the will of the majority of homeowners by the Board doing whatever it wants without input is a disgrace to the history of the Homeowner/Board relations in the North Boulders. Furthermore, it is an insult to all homeowners to suggest a several hundred-dollar assessment to all homeowners would easily solve the expenditure problem when most of us did not want the legal action.

Please acknowledge that the Board has received and reviewed this email.

Thank you, Linda Moorhead and Greg Moorhead

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