Call to stop spending HOA money on Water Tank Legal Fees

Admin: This letter was written to our BHOA Board by Lesa and Jeff Lelek on Sunday, November 14.  They would likely have been aware of BHOA legal filings through Tuesday November 8. On Wednesday, November 9 the BHOA made three additional filings, including a notice of appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals, on which Carefree Unity has not yet reported.

Date: November 14, 2021

To: Boulders North Homeowners Association Board Members

From: Lesa and Jeff Lelek

RE: Current actions of Board; Request to stop spending money on water tank legal fees

This is the first letter we have written to our HOA Board since purchasing our Boulders house in 2012. Our nine years in this community have been wonderful, filled with good people, fun activities, and generally carefree living. Until last year, we had been pleased with our HOA board, participating with them on renovations through the ACC, complaints about neighborhood issues, and other items. We are not at all pleased with the activities and conduct of the current board, particularly regarding the water tank. We understand this board spent more than $100,000 so far in legal fees, fighting a water tank we always thought would be built, no matter what argument was made against it. We love the Boulders as much as anyone, recognizing its unique geology and Sonoran character. That said, we honestly have little problem supporting the town on this tank, which will help move Carefree forward. We further believe that the tank, given its design, will have minimal impact on our community (and contrary to what has been put forth in numerous lengthy diatribes, will have absolutely no impact on residential property values). More apropos, we always believed the town had the right to take the parcel using eminent domain. This has become fact.

Various opinions exist on the way water tank issues were communicated and handled, by the town and by others. In any case, we are dumbfounded by actions taken by our board. Initially, it was difficult to understand why such cumbersome tomes were written and distributed within our community. In our opinion, not all the information in these emails was factual; it seemed they attempted to ‘spin’ an agenda as much as those they vilified. We then were surprised by the aggressive way the current board took control, and the secretive way they worked. Most importantly, we never supported spending any HOA money on legal fees to fight the water tank. 

We feel that the legal fees spent so far were a waste of our money. We vehemently believe no further legal spending should occur as regards the water tank. We ask for a clear accounting of past legal fees; who voted for or against them, who received them, and what they bought us. 

We believe the Board does not fairly represent the community in spending money to fight the water tank. Most neighbors we know feel this fight is futile, and our reserves are being squandered. No one wants an assessment, and few want this course of action pursued further. The current board should resign. If this does not happen, the Board should solicit candidates to fill open positions. We believe a recent board appointment was made without such due process.

Please reply to us, and to the community, reassuring us you will authorize/waste no more reserve money on fruitless water tank legal work, and will get back to managing our normal HOA business.


Lesa Lelek

Jeff Lelek

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