BHOA President Repeats False Narrative

Just a few hours before a “Meet the Candidates” event designed to promote civil dialog, the BHOA Board President sent a statement to residents repeating some of the false narratives that have seemingly been used as weapons to divide us.

In response, Carefree Unity has received a statement from the Town of Carefree:

“The continuous outrageous statements and fabrications in todays BHOA statement are too numerous to respond to at this point in time, but the Town will respond in the near term and reserves its right to enforce its legal remedies.”

To take just one example, the Board President says “So why is it necessary to construct a water tank on Boulders property that just happens to sit across the street from the vacant parcel that was recently converted from low-density residential to commercial? Could it be that the existing water supply for the originally planned five or six low-density residential lots is insufficient for a bustling hotel of 150 or more rooms?”  His concluding sentence provides his answer: “All Carefree residents should indeed be united – against an exorbitant project that seems to epitomize a public expenditure made for the benefit of a private developer.

In fact, the Board should know for certain this assertion is false.  They were warned against making exactly this implication by the Town’s attorney Craig Morgan, who wrote to BHOA attorney Beth Mulcahy for distribution to our Board: 

The water pressure from the site is simply too low for use on the corner of Tom Darlington Drive and the Carefree Highway. All of this water will be used for “Neighborhood A” and system wide fire flow. We know of no other way to convince the Boulders HOA of this truth and the Boulders HOA has certainly failed to provide any evidence supporting its wild supposition to the contrary.

Carefree Unity also reached out today to Carefree Water Company General Manager Greg Crossman, who made the following statement: “The Water Company will not deliver any water from the new Tom Darlington Water Storage Reservoir to the Northwest Corner property because the water pressure from the Reservoir will not be adequate to serve that site.”  Mr. Crossman went on to explain that the developer of that site would have to pay for a connection to the portion of the system serving the neighborhood to its north, which like the Boulders is supplied directly from the 500,000 gallon tank at Up and Down Place.

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