Return to Openness

Carefree Unity is endorsing five candidates for the BHOA Board: Corbin McNeill, John Ambrose, David Levin, Patty Jo Weiss, and Pat Brassill.  These candidates are running together as a slate, and we believe their platform is a roadmap for repairing the divisions of the past two years by re-establishing openness and transparency in governance.

As a group, they have a platform that includes a nine-point plan for restoring routine operations of the Board that have been generally suspended this past year, including:

·        Publishing dates for regularly scheduled Board meetings months (rather than 2-3 days) in advance

·        Open discussions and regular Board votes in Board meetings

·        Timely publication of financial reports

·        Open meeting discussion and approval of annual budgets and dues as required by our Bylaws

·        Compliance with Executive Session notification requirements and with all decision-making and reporting requirements

The ‘Best for Boulders’ slate also plans to reinstitute the Bylaw revision initiative that was not completed this past year and will survey association members regarding the legal options facing us in the condemnation actions with the Town of Carefree.

Carefree Unity believes we will all be better served if this platform is enacted, which will require the election of all five candidates to establish a working majority.

A brief thumbnail sketch of each candidate follows:

Corbin McNeill was a 1962 graduate of the U.S. Navy Academy who retired from service in 1981 with the rank of Commander.  He is a past CEO of PECO Energy and of Exelon Corporation and has served on multiple corporate and academic Boards.  He is a long-time member of the Boulders Club.

John Ambrose had a distinguished career in the medical field, including as a past CEO of IGI and Lifecare Solutions.  He also owned and operated retail and wholesale businesses and served on multiple Boards.

David Levin is an Information Technology (IT) executive who is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for American Express Travel.  He also sits on several Tech Advisory Boards and has been a full-time Boulders resident since 2019.

Patty Jo Weiss is a twenty-year resident of the Boulders and a past President of the BWGA.  She has a BS in Nursing and is very concerned about the erosion of goodwill in our Community.  She supports increasing resident participation and the timely publication of precise financial information as steps necessary to reduce community polarization.

Pat Brassill is a forensic CPA who provides litigation support in valuation, damages, and lost profits.  He is licensed in both California and Arizona and has been a full-time resident of the Boulders since 2017.  He was also elected to serve as a past BHOA Board President.

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