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The ‘Best for Boulders’ slate of candidates submitted the following statement to Carefree Unity.  We previously endorsed this slate and have agreed to publish their statement in the community interest:

We have all recently received the announcement of the annual meeting and election of Board members. Despite having heard our presentations at the Meet the Candidate Night, the President contends that they “have not heard our views”. Taking that as an invitation we will repeat our views here. 

First, as Mr. McNeill stated in his remarks at Meet the Candidate Night, this election is not about accomplishments or efforts. This election is about TRUST, trust in the Board going forward. We applaud and thank the many volunteers that have worked on behalf of the Association to maintain and improve our Community. Whatever the Board composition going forward, the Community will need your service.

The lack of trust among many, if not a majority of members, is the result of many things such as ever-changing reasons for our response to and prolongation of litigation concerning the water tank that is now admittedly “likely to be built”. Other items include the lack of transparency in Board matters such as passing of the annual budget, one of the most important Board responsibilities, by unanimous consent without member involvement, thereby avoiding member input or comment. Likewise, if you accept the Board’s response to member requests for meeting notices and agendas, you come to the conclusion that the Board has never met in quorum to discuss and approve the litigation strategy or expense. However, the most important reason for lack of trust comes from the Board’s and Board member communications that use “half truths”, facts without full context, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and selective editing to build false narratives and demean anyone that does not agree with them.

We have proposed a plan to help the Community create the change that will begin to restore TRUST in the Board that so many of our members have lost. Our platform is based upon RESPECT, UNITY, TRANSPARENCY, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and RETURN TO BOARD BASICS. These are the key tenants of the platform of the five candidates for the BHOA Board who are signing this letter. We have no allegiance to Carefree Unity and in fact one of our plan action items is to ask them to refrain from commenting on Board issues.

Specifically we have promised that if the five of us are elected and seated, we are committed to the following actions:

1. The BHOA will publish only factual information related to matters which are important to the Board and BHOA members, with monthly updates to the Community. Whether speaking on behalf of the Board or as an individual, any Board members that violate this norm will be sanctioned.

2. In order to reduce the vitriol in the Community we will remove all water tank related material from the website that is not a BHOA record that is required to be retained.

3. Likewise, if elected we will ask Carefree Unity to suspend their communications regarding BHOA issues.

4. We will adhere to the state statues which establish rules that promote transparency and member involvement.  We will limit Board approval by unanimous consent.

5. We will seek member input on such matters as condemnation litigation, reserves, lighting and other matters of significance.

6. Specifically with respect to the condemnation litigation, we promise that within six weeks of the Annual meeting we will survey the membership on a minimum of three options to bring eventual closure to the litigation. All of the options will adhere to the Bylaws and CC&Rs and will not infringe on the right of any individual member to pursue severance damages on their own. The strategy employed by the current Board will be included as one of the options.

7. We will manage member dues with the same care we give to our own financial matters.

8. At least two months prior to the 2023 Annual Meeting we will present to the membership for review a draft revision to the Bylaws that reflect current Arizona statutes and provide more definition of Board responsibilities. We will also consider revisions to the CC&R’s in the following year.

9. We will commit to a published schedule of Board and ARC meetings, as well as adhering to all Bylaw requirements.

We have talked to many people on both sides of the issues that divide the Community. We understand the pain that some have felt in the inevitability of the water tank and how it ended up in The Boulders. However this election is about the future and not the past. We believe our plan will begin to restore TRUST and we would be honored to receive your vote.

John Ambrose

Pat Brassill

David Levin

Corbin McNeill

Patty Jo Weiss

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