Letter from Carefree Unity Member Jim Northcutt

The following letter was submitted by a Carefree Unity member in support of the mayoral candidacy of John Crane.

Friends & Neighbors,

I’m writing to encourage all of you to vote for John Crane in the upcoming election for Mayor of Carefree. I will say, I don’t know his opponent Mr. Sample other than by the harsh and reckless accusations he’s made against John, Les Peterson, and the members of our town council. My assumption is if you have nothing to offer you smear your opponent in hopes something will stick!

The reality is Carefree has been in capable hands with complete honesty and openness while difficult decisions have been made. Experience does make a huge difference and we are very fortunate to have John Crane as our current vice mayor. His preparedness in the many avenues of volunteering he routinely takes on, the level of preparedness he brings to the town council meetings, and the representation he provides to government entities above & beyond Carefree all contribute to our good fortune of having John Crane as our next mayor. In comparison, Mr. Sample’s local experience is very limited and his knowledge of Carefree government seems almost nonexistent.

In addition to John Crane being the candidate with experience, he has not stooped to the level of harsh and reckless accusations as that brought on by Mr. Sample and his cohorts.

Please, know the facts about these candidates and the propositions. Don’t fall for a sweet-sounding title that has nothing to do with content such as “Open space.” 

Read the content, know the candidates qualifications, and see that Carefree comes out on top by electing John Crane on August 2nd. 

Jim Northcutt
Carefree resident & veteran

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