Letter From Carefree Resident Gina Kaegi

The following letter was submitted for publication by a Carefree resident.  Carefree Unity finds it thoughtful and well-written.

In Carefree Civic Participation Matters

In this election cycle Carefree voters have several Town Council candidates from which to choose. A key distinguishing factor is the civic resume of each candidate and clues regarding character.

Letters blare ‘Why Experience Matters’ or ‘Experience is Not the Litmus Test.’  The fact is, every Councilperson was a new face on day one. Historically, every new face had done something in Carefree. Prior to running they had served on a committee or applied to serve on a committee or attended Council meetings or attended an occasional town event or served on a local non-profit board or had a history of championing a cause within our community or served in their local HOA or authored an opinion regarding an initiative in the Carefree Election 2022 Informational Pamphlet. This election cycle includes three new faces who have done none of this. The civic resumes of Duke Vukotic and husband and wife team, Kathlina Lai, and Sven Maric are at best, thin.

In addition, this group of three have failed to respond to questions from The Foothills Focus, The League of Woman Voters of Arizona, Carefree Unity, or the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors. Maybe they do not know enough to answer or are afraid to take a position. Whatever the reason, they have demonstrated little respect for voters. Most recently they wrote imploring their supporters to only vote for them and not cast a vote for any other Council candidate. They wrote voting for others “will dilute our chances of winning.”  While their positions regarding the Carefree initiatives, key issues, and future may be vague, their voting advice is clear.

These three candidates may be nice people. I am not disparaging them. But as you study your ballot, consider Town Council candidates who have, prior to running, demonstrated civic activity and interest and a grasp of the issues.

Gina Kaegi

Carefree Resident

Carefree Unity has verified certain statements of fact contained in this letter.  However, opinions expressed in published letters are those of the authors. Carefree Unity agreement is neither required nor implied.

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