Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD)

Budget Override Election

November 8, 2022

This year the Cave Creek Unified Governing Board adopted a resolution for a 15% maintenance and operation budget override election for the benefit of the school district.  A successful vote would raise property taxes of typical residents by approximately $10/month and would be distributed directly to the CCUSD for several specified purposes, including increases in teacher and non-administrative staff salaries, reduction of student fees and establishment and support for specific academic programs.  None of these funds will be applied to administrative salaries.

Currently, CCUSD’s total tax levy is $1.73 which is fifth lowest of Maricopa County’s 55 school districts (for comparison, Scottsdale is $2.42).  If the override passes the levy will rise to $1.94, which would still be in the bottom third of Maricopa districts.

Budget overrides are potential sources of supplemental school funding and are very common in Arizona, which ranks 48th in the U.S. for school funding per pupil.  All but seven of Maricopa’s districts have current overrides in place, and Cave Creek is the largest of those seven.

The CCUSD serves Cave Creek and Carefree as well as the northern portion of Scottsdale and a part of eastern Phoenix along with Rio Verde.

Superintendent Dr. Cort Monroe has written a Letter explaining the goals and impacts of the override in detail.

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