Guide to 2022 Ballot Propositions and Judicial Performance

Carefree Unity has been requested to post an objective guide to the statewide ballot propositions and Judicial performance review. We hope the sites below will be helpful.

Morrison Institute for Public Policy, a division of Arizona State University, has published “objective, accessible summaries of all ten questions on the statewide ballot” this year.  We encourage our subscribers to click on this link before voting.

The 34 members of the Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review released its official findings on the judicial performance of each judge whose name will appear on the 2022 General Election Ballot. The Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review (JPR) is responsible for developing performance standards and thresholds and conducting performance reviews of justices and judges who are merit selected and subject to retention elections. Before you vote, you can read the JPR reports and get the facts about the judges who appear on the ballot. You can see more on the PBS broadcast at:

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