North Boulders Homeowners Association

BHOA Board Candidates Endorsed

Five candidates have been announced for three open seats on the BHOA Board.  All of them may be familiar to BHOA residents, including to members of Carefree Unity.

After three years of contention and division over the Town of Carefree’s condemnation of a portion of BHOA common area, the community settled the case last year by a majority vote of the membership.  Though the settlement amount was only a fraction of the total legal expenditures the BHOA incurred, terminating the case put an end to sequential court losses, reduced the community’s financial exposure, and reduced the damage done to the Boulders’ community and reputation.  We believe the next logical step in the BHOA will be to put internal disagreements behind while rebuilding financial reserves and returning to the normal business of the Board.  Consequently, Carefree Unity is endorsing the three candidates that supported the settlement, all of which have a financial background:

  • Pat Brassill, the current BHOA Treasurer and a past Board president, is the current Chair of the Infrastructure and Landscaping Committee.  He is a CPA and a forensic accountant, licensed in Arizona and California.
  • Lyn Bickle, also a CPA, is currently an Associate Vice President, SEC Reporting, at Grand Canyon Education, Inc.  During her career she has held a variety of increasingly responsible positions since starting her career in public accounting with Price Waterhouse in 1988.
  • David McMenamin, is retired from a successful career in the financial services industry including as a business owner.  David has become a familiar face in BHOA Board meetings as he attends regularly and often engages on financial issues during the homeowner forum.

Diane Roth is a former Connecticut business owner and Gail Ringelberg has a varied background including several community service positions and two terms as mayor of Grand Haven, Michigan.  Both are qualified for these positions.

However, we cannot recommend support for these two candidates, who opposed the settlement and have expressed continuing disagreements with our town government.  Ms. Roth served on the Board until 2022 and actively supported the legal strategy that prolonged the condemnation case at significant cost and with an unbroken series of losses in four courts over eighteen months.  We commend both for running on platforms of collaboration and consensus, but we believe the other three candidates are better positioned to bring those values to Board meetings.

Carefree Unity

February 25 Announcement from Eric Dykes: The annual meeting mailer, which will include online and paper ballot voting instructions and other details, will be sent out this coming week. The annual meeting is currently scheduled for 4 p.m. at the west pool on March 24th.

 Candidate Bios (As submitted)

Lyn Bickle

Lyn Bickle brings over 35 years of SEC reporting experience to her current position
as Associate Vice President, SEC Reporting, at Grand Canyon Education, Inc.
(“GCE”) While there, she has taken the company public, completed a secondary
offering and a spin-off of Grand Canyon University, and handled a $360 million
acquisition. She has attended their Audit Committee meetings, has been active
on other non-profit Boards, and completed a $1.2 billion dollar bond financing for
GCU in Q4 2021.
She was formerly self-employed as an SEC consultant serving Fortune 500’s
including American Express, Ameriprise Financial, and Allied Waste Industries.
Ms. Bickle served as Vice President, Corporate Controller, for Troon Golf LLC
(1998-2004), as Audit Senior Manager for Deloitte & Touch LLP (1992-1998), and
started her career in public accounting with Price Waterhouse LLP (1988-1992).
Ms. Bickle is a C.P.A. with a Bachelor of Accounting from the University of
Georgia. She is married to Dr. John Bickle (almost 30 years) and has three
children. They moved to the Boulders in February 2018 and became golf
members in early 2020.

Patrick Brassill

Having been elected in March 2022 to fill a vacant BHOA director position that expires this coming March, I am currently the BHOA Treasurer and chairman of the infrastructure Committee. Additionally, I am on the Board of Directors of the Boulders Men’s Golf Association. My wife Jutta and I moved to The Boulders in the fall of 2017 and are full-time residents. I am a CPA (inactive) licensed in Arizona and California, having concentrated on forensic accounting. I continue to provide consulting services in that field.

David McMenamin

David retired after a successful career in the financial services business and moved to the Boulders with his wife Donna in 2018 and lives here full time. David will bring his experience of being a business owner, member of previous boards, his unique ability to communicate clearly and his organizational skills to serve the community. David believes that the Boulders North is a special community that exhibits natural beauty within its desert surroundings. There are three main goals David would like to focus on as a board member.

1. Civility and a code of conduct for the board, board meetings, HOA members and management staff. Let’s remember we are all neighbors.

2. Get back to HOA business-improving and maintaining the neighborhood, enforcing CCR and building stipulations.

3. Repairing the Boulders North HOA reputation inside and outside the Boulders community.

David would appreciate your vote and support as a board member.

Gail Ringelberg

My inlaws built my home in 1973, which Tom and I inherited in 2005. As a widow, the Boulders remains a special place. Why seek a position on the HOA board now? Recently term limited off my Michigan HOA board as president, I have time to serve and have helpful skills.
After two elections our community remains divided, so I offer a different approach. I prefer seeking consensus on issues rather than just a majority vote. Diverse opinions, civilly given, are valued, resulting in better outcomes.
Past leadership roles include being mayor of my MI hometown; serving on our hospital board, community foundation board, and many others. I was CEO of our Council onAging. I learned consensus building while leading a divided City Council: requiring listening and understanding others’ viewpoints. As a trained mediator, I use these same skills.
These experiences and skills will help me serve you well.

Diane Roth

My name is Diane Roth. I have been a resident of the Boulders since 2020. During my first year here, I was appointed to serve a remaining term. While serving I co-chaired the security committee and helped interview three new security firms while negotiating a new no-increase contract with our existing firm AAA and ensuring that this was done in a timely manner so there was no gap in our coverage.

If given a chance to serve the community again , I will attend all meetings while bringing an objective, independent and collaborative voice to the meetings. I believe all discussions should be conducted in an open, respectful, and productive way.