The Need For An Objective Website

We believe there is solid evidence that some residents have been spreading misinformation, including some current Board members.

In our opinion the current Board has fallen significantly short of their commitment to transparency, has skirted or violated open meetings laws and has at times published erroneous and misleading information.

The current Board deserves credit for including presentations from the Town and Carefree Water on the BHOA website regarding the water acquisition project.  And though we have questions about specific publication decisions, residents’ letters are also properly included.

However, in our opinion the Board has erred by including (and endorsing) reports from an individual Board member that have been rife with misinformation and including a statement made by the Board for which the President later had to apologize.

Issues of concern include:

  • Meeting minutes and videos of meetings have not been provided in a timely manner
  • Firing of our BHOA attorneys almost immediately after the current Board was installed without an explanation 
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date financials are lacking
  • Cancellation of summer meetings and a blanket refusal to provide even limited updates regarding litigation strategy or legal advice.
  • Minimal notice of Board and Architectural Meetings, limiting opportunities for community participation
  • A resident applying and meeting criteria to be appointed to one of the open Board positions never receiving a response
  • The firing of our property manager without explanation.

We would welcome Boulders residents sharing their concerns and comments with us for posting.