Growing Water Shortage

Rapidly Worsening Water Outlook

Lake Mead Keeps 2020/2021/2022

Joanna Allhands* 8/16/2022 Apparently, the plan to save a tanking Lake Mead and Lake Powell is ‘stay tuned

Lake Mead is dying, and Reclamation’s response is ‘stay tuned

When will Arizona run out of water? Why that’s the wrong question to as

Joanna Allhands* 5/31/2022

When Will Arizona Run Out of Water

Who ‘deserves’ Arizona’s water? Our future rests on this and 3 other questions

Joanna Allhands*4/12/2022

Where Must Water Go

4 utterly important water questions for Arizona that almost no one is talking about

Joanna Allhands

4 Utterly Important Water Questions

Joanna Allhands* 3/21/2022

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