Why Experience Matters

Cheryl Kroyer Carefree Town Council Member

Carefree Unity is posting this letter from Cheryl Kroyer because we find it to be a constructive addition to the body of political speech attached to the August 2nd Carefree Town elections.

Why Experience Matters

We have not had such a large field running for Town government in recent

memory. There are 11 people running for six Council seats and two people

running for Mayor. Of the 13 candidates asking for your votes, seven are

incumbents or have served on Town committees. The remaining six are

newcomers calling for change. They are not only saying it is time for

change, but that the experienced people who have been running the Town

have made a mess of things and need to be replaced.

What exactly have we made a mess of? We have seen to it that all

Carefree residents have access to a reliable, quality source of water; we

have studied ways to increase revenues through sales taxes without

sacrificing the character of our Town.

Yes, we approved a hotel in the Town core (which is in the commercial

center). Not only will the hotel generate tax revenue, but it will also help

the businesses already in the Town core, attract new businesses and

provide a convenient place for our guests to stay. The Hampton Inn by

Hilton, is unlike any other Hampton Inn. Take a tour, walk through the

lobby, pool area, rooms overlooking the sundial and rooms with views of

scenic vistas. What you will experience is more like a boutique hotel than

the square box airport Hampton Inns.

We are investigating ways to ensure that we have the best fire protection

available. We asked a group of volunteers from the Town to look at the

issues surrounding Rural Metro Services and their ability to participate in

Automatic Aid, as well as assessing the City of Scottsdale’s and Daisy

Mountain’s ability to act for us in that regard. Coming out of that

committee’s assessment we have hired two independent consultants: one

a financial expert to help us figure out how to pay for our new fire services

and financially vet potential partners and a firefighting professional to help

us figure out the best resource to use.

We hired an Economic Development Manager to help us attract new

business in those areas designated for non-residential uses to minimize

any disruption to nearby residential areas.

We hired an independent traffic engineer to help us make our streets and

crosswalks safe for pedestrians and motorists.

And we are currently working with a signage company to make way finding

into and around our Town easier.

All these things took an understanding of the workings of our Town and the

knowledge base to prioritize and make good, solid decisions.

It took me almost all of my first term to study all of the issues that affect our

decisions and to understand what could be changed and what couldn’t and


The candidates who want to get rid of us, say experience doesn’t matter. I

say not only does it matter but it is critical to success. Direct experience in

the specific challenges needing to be addressed and a knowledge of the

legal and regulatory situation is critical.

Sadly, they don’t know what they don’t know. Prior to running for office,

why didn’t they attend more than one or two Council meetings, budget

meetings, or at least volunteer to serve on a committee or attend a few

Town events?

I would like to ask them to identify what they would do differently to better

our Town? So far they have only offered criticism but no solutions.

That is why I wholeheartedly endorse John Crane for Mayor; Vince

D’Alesio, Tony Geiger, Stephen Hatcher, Michael Johnson, Sheila Amoroso

(who was part of the volunteer fire safety committee) for Town Council. I,

too, am asking for your vote. We have the experience, the expertise and

drive to continue keeping Carefree the place we all moved here for in the

first place…let’s keep it Carefree!

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