Time To Stop The Personal Attacks

A Letter from Candidates John Crane and Cheryl Kroyer

Mayoral candidate John Crane and Town Council candidate Cheryl Kroyer have co-authored the following letter, a call for civility during a very contentious election.

Carefree Unity has observed that as the campaign season has progressed, personal attacks have increased, many without evidence and some that are provably false.  Some candidates are of course more guilty than others, but supporters of nearly all candidates, including those of the authors, have been involved.

We encourage voters to ignore these attacks and familiarize themselves with the candidates’ positions (you can view most candidates’ responses to our issues survey by following this link to our  Candidates page.) https://carefreeunity.com/carefree-candidates/

We thank the authors for raising the issue.

To the Citizens of Carefree:

Please know that we are deeply distressed by the negative information and bad behavior that has characterized this election.

What should be an enjoyable experience in the exercise of basic democracy and government has been anything but enjoyable and has deteriorated to the point of distraction.

We do not endorse nor encourage such behavior.  The citizens of Carefree deserve better. 

In the closing days of this election, we encourage all candidates and their supporters, including ourselves and our supporters, to be respectful.

Let us all find a way to work together.

John Crane                 Cheryl Kroyer

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