Vice Mayor Cheryl Kroyer With Facts On The May Election

Vice Mayor Cheryl Kroyer has shared the following letter.  We are publishing it in the public interest.  Please visit our Special Election webpage for more information on this topic. Carefree Unity

Get the Facts on Carefree’s Public Safety Vote

Intentional misinformation is being circulated by those asking you to vote no in the upcoming special election.  It is important to understand the Facts.

Misstatement #1: public safety is not at risk in Carefree.

Fact:  This election is about public safety and you are at risk.  All neighboring towns have now gone to Automatic Aid, which is the gold standard for emergency care.  Without mutual aid partners our emergency response times have deteriorated.

Misstatement #2: response times.

Fact: Carefree response times have increased as a large portion of Carefree’s population which previously was served by the Cave Creek fire station no longer receives assistance from this station.  Instead of receiving assistance from the closest fire station, many Carefree residents receive delayed responses since they are further from the Carefree fire station.  If residents vote yes, 4 fire stations that wrap around Carefree will be seamlessly and automatically accessible to Carefree residents and thus will improve response times.

Misstatement #3: don’t worry fire calls are less than 1%. 

Fact: The majority of calls are medical emergencies where time is of essence.  Additional resources that are geographically spaced to give seamless and automatic accessibility to Carefree residents in a time of need is a public safety issue.

Misstatement #4: Automatic Aid costs more and provides less.

Fact: Isn’t having direct, seamless and automatic access to 5 fire stations vs 1 fire station more?  Additionally, due to the location of these additional fire stations, there will be more timely responses to your emergency, isn’t that worth your investment in a time of need?

Misstatement #5:  Once a property tax is passed it only grows.

Fact: Pursuant to the law (Town Code §15-1-2), the tax cannot increase without another vote of the residents.  That is the law.  The Property Tax cannot grow.

Before you vote, study the facts. This election is about public safety for you and your family and ensuring a financially responsible, sustainable and solvent way of funding this commitment.

Cheryl Kroyer

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