North Boulders Homeowners (BHOA)

Election Results

Board election results were announced at the BHOA Annual Meeting on Friday, March 24.  Successful candidates were Lyn Bickle, Pat Brassill, and David McMenamin.  Each will serve a three-year term and will join the six returning Board members on the 2023-2024 Board.

On Monday, the new Board held an organizational meeting with the following results (end of term):

President: Corbin McNeill (2025)

Vice President: David Levin (2025)

Treasurer: Lyn Bickle (2026)

Assistant Treasurer: Pat Brassill (2026)

Secretary: Jan Neal (2024)

Director: David McMenamin (2026)

Director: David McKeown (2024)

Director: Bernie Pistillo (2024)

Director: Patti Weiss (2025)

President Corbin McNeill and Vice President Levin were re-elected to those offices for a second term.  Pat Brassill was Treasurer last year, and his initial assignment as this year’s Assistant Treasurer will be to oversee completion of the reserve study which is currently in progress.

The limited turn-over in officers this year is expected to facilitate a smooth transition.

Carefree Unity

March 31, 2023

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