General Plan Workshop

The Town of Carefree recently published an announcement for a public workshop on the Carefree General Plan.  The workshop is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday February 1 at 5:00 pm, in the Carefree Council Chambers, 33 Easy Street.

We are re-publishing this announcement in the public interest

Carefree Unity

Date: Jan 30, 2023

Hello Carefree community, 

Please join us as we kick off the General Plan with a public workshop this Wednesday, February 1, 5:00-6:30 PM in Carefree Council Chambers, 33 Easy Street.


The General Plan is the foundational document that guides the Town through the next 10-20 years of community planning and growth management. The document establishes a vision for the desired future of Carefree and then utilizes a series of goals, policies, actions and maps to achieve implementation. It is a conceptual plan for evaluating existing development conditions, making forecasts, and outlining broad policies that the Town will use to implement its vision through other more specific plans and measures. Some of the more specific measures include the Zoning Ordinance (PDF), Proposed Capital Improvements, Transportation Plan, and development guidelines. 

Cities and towns in Arizona are required to establish a General Plan and update it every 10 to 15 years. The previous update, Town of Carefree General Plan 2030, was ratified by voters recently on November 6, 2012. 

For information on the approved Major General Plan Amendment at the northwest corner of Tom Darlington and Carefree Hwy, click here: General Plan Amendment 12.07.2021 | Map: Excerpt

For details, visit: [ Join us Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 5:00pm for General Plan Workshop ]

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