Carefree Announces Election Results

On Tuesday, August 9 Carefree announced the winners of the August 2 elections in the town newsletter.

Here is a link to the announcement.  The final vote totals will be canvassed by the Board of Elections on August 16.

A brief summary of results:

  • Proposition 472 (eminent domain / removal of water tank) failed
  • Proposition 473 (limit two two-year terms) failed
  • Proposition 474 (staggered four-year terms, limit two consecutive) passed
  • John Crane elected mayor (four-year term)
  • Town Council: Sheila Amoroso, Cheryl Kroyer, Tony Geiger elected (four-year terms)
  • Town Council: Mike Johnson, Vince D’Aliesio, Stephen Hatcher elected (two-year terms)

Carefree Unity

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