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Carefree Fire & Emergency Service Options

This fall, the Town is conducting five public open houses at various locations to review the available options for Fire and Emergency services in the Town of Carefree.

These critical workshops invite the public to learn and ask questions about the levels of fire and emergency services as well as the associated costs for each.

Feedback from the workshops will be presented to the Town Council in December and will inform decision-making for next year.  

We strongly encourage citizen involvement as there will be consequential decisions made in the 2023 legislative year.

  1. Extend the current Mutual Aid contract or switch to valley-wide Automatic Aid fire coverage
  2. Recommend a method for dealing with the current fire/emergency structural deficit (restrict service level? additional sales tax? New property tax?)

Three workshops remain (all at 5:00 p.m.):

  • November 3 at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church (9205 E Cave Creek Road)
  • November 10 at Carefree Council Chambers (33 Easy Street)
  • November 17 by Zoom Only (Register here)

Citizens need not register for November 3 or 10.  Simply arrive at the workshop location by 5 pm and sign in.  The November 17 workshop is a Zoom meeting intended for use by residents who could not attend one of the in-person sessions.  

Whether or not you participate, you can educate yourself on the issues involved in the upcoming decisions by viewing the Fire & Emergency Services Presentation, which is presented as a digestible series of YouTube modules.  You can also gather more background material by studying, reading, or glancing at the Public Safety Advisory Committee Report and Recommendations, which was published in January by a group of private citizens who joined a Carefree committee to study this issue for several months in 2021.

In the past some residents have accused the Town of not seeking input and not informing residents of issues under consideration.  In fact, the Town has often sponsored outreach activities which, like the first workshop on this issue, was poorly attended.  You can improve resident outreach in our town by accepting a workshop invitation and sharing what you learn.  Carefree works best when citizens become involved.

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